Palm Isalnd

Palm Island are two (originally three) artificial archipelagos ("The Palm, Jebel Ali" and "The Palm, Jumeirah"), which have been built since 2001 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. So far, only "The Palm, Jumeirah" is built and navigable, with "The Palm, Jebel Ali" so far only the land reclamation is completed and the originally planned third archipelago "The Palm, Deira" was set during the land reclamation and transformed into a smaller archipelago (Deira Island)

Each of the two archipelagos was created in the form of a palm tree. The "Palm Trunk" is 5 or 4 km long in the projects "Jebel Ali" and "Jumeirah". These projects are made possible by a topographical feature: Since the continental shelf on the Persian Gulf extends far into the open sea, the water depth is comparatively low. The islands consist of at least 100 million cubic meters of rock and sea sand compacted by a special vibration method. Only "The Palm, Jumeirah" extends the coastline of Dubai by about 100 km.

Both Palm Islands are owned by Nakheel, the state-owned development and construction company. The founder of Kabul Bank, Sherkhan Farnud, invested about $ 160 million in 35 luxury villas on the islands.